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The Acatis Qilin Marco Polo Fund

Introduction: The ACATIS QILIN Marco Polo Fund invests in Asian equities with a focus on China. The fund is managed by ACATIS Investment GmbH. Qilin Capital GmbH advises ACATIS as the Asia research partner. The invests in leading companies in Asia and China. The fund is domiciled in Germany and is subject to German law, with a legal form of UCITS, with daily liquidity for investors.

Investment Objective: The fund seeks to outperform the benchmark MSCI All Countries Asia GDR (EUR). The fund does not track the benchmark index but seeks absolute performance independent of the index. A long-term buy-and-hold approach is followed.

Investment Philosophy: The fund invests at least 51%  in equities of companies whose registered office or main business focus is in Asia. The fund is:


  • Actively Managed: Does not have ETF exposure

  • Fundamentals-Driven: Identifies attractive, high-growth investment targets based on macroeconomic developments, regulatory priorities, industry trends, company and management performance

  • Value and Growth Orientation: Focuses on attractive, high-growth industries and avoid industries in need of restructuring (e.g., steel, coal, textiles). Targets current and emerging Asian growth and value champions that are leaders in their space, with a strong emphasis on Chinese companies. 

  • Private Ownership Focused: Invest primarily in private listed companies with limited exposure to state-owned enterprises

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