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ACATIS QILIN Marco Polo Fund

The ACATIS-QILIN Marco Polo Fund  is an actively-managed UCITS fund that invests in companies whose headquarters are located in Asia or whose business activities are concentrated in Asia. The investment universe includes mainly shares of Chinese companies that are eligible for investments through Stock Connect (Shanghai and Shenzhen), as well as Chinese companies that are listed outside of the Chinese mainland.

The fund also invests in Asian markets including, Taiwan, Korea, India and Singapore. Portfolio management and distribution is assisted by global partner ACATIS Investments GmbH.

The MSCI AC Asia GDR (EUR) is used as a reference index. The fund does not strive to depict the reference index, but rather aims for absolute value growth that is independent of the reference index. The fund may enter into derivative transactions to hedge asset positions or generate higher values.

Share Class B 

awards & recognitions

The ACATIS QILIN Marco Polo Fund was established in June 2019.
Since inception, the fund has significantly outperformed the MSCI AC Asia (EUR) index.

Borse Online Fund Awards Qilin Capital
Morningstar Top 1 2020 Qilin Capital


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